7 Best Twitter Video Downloaders

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1 Leawo Video Downloader

Leawo Video Downloader is a tool for downloading videos and music from thousands of websites including Twitter. It supports downloading most of the videos available on the internet. It allows downloading from various live streaming platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, etc.

2. Twitter Video Downloader

Twitter Video Downloader is as simple as a media downloading tool can get. If you come across a GIF or video you like on Twitter and would like to save it on your device for offline viewing, this is the tool that helps in the most austere way imaginable.

You simply open the tool in your browser and then go to the link of the video of GIF you would like to capture from Twitter. Copy its link or URL and paste it into the downloader. Once pasted, simply click the ‘download’ button, and your favorite video or GIF is now available for your offline viewing and sharing pleasure. You can also enjoy quality time by playing online casino.

3. SaveTweetVid

SaveTweetVid is yet another simple and free downloader to save your favorite twitter video or GIF. It is however way more attractive than the previous tool on this list. SaveTweetVid demands you to follow the same tried and tested formula of capturing media online.

You open the link to a Twitter video of GIF you like, copy its link or URL and paste it in SaveTweedVid. Just like that, your desired video or GIF is available to you in no time. The tool is extremely easy to use, devoid of any annoying adware, and saves mp3, mp4, or GIF files with the utmost ease.


TWDOWN is perhaps the fastest and the most powerful video downloader in existence today. Running on extremely potent servers, the tool can download any video you like from Twitter in a matter of minutes.

Of course, downloading videos is also very simple. You just have to copy the URL of the video you would like to download and paste it into the text box displayed on TDOWN’s home page. Your video will be saved in your desired device folder.

Another one of its amazing features is its ability to convert downloaded Twitter videos into mp3 files for your listening pleasure. This is especially great if you just want the video for its music or sound effect.

5. sssTwitter

sssTwitter does offer its users with the tried and tested formula of downloading media from Twitter, which is the usual copy and paste link in its dashboard. However, it also goes a step further by providing multiple ways to download the video via social media platforms.

For starters, you can install its extension on your browser. Once that is done, you simply have to type ‘sss’ before the ‘https’ section of the URL and press enter. The resulting page will have a download button below any video playing on Twitter.

6. TWDownload

TWDownload follows the same successful formula of downloading and saving your favorite Twitter video. It is relatively slower than many tools of its nature, but still extremely effective in its execution. You can download any mp4 or M3U8 video or GIF file from Twitter using this tool.

Simply copy the link of the Twitter video you would like saved and paste it in the text box on TWDownload. You will have your desired video or GIF saved in the desired folder of your device. Plus, the tool is very easy to use.

7. TWDownloader

Do not mistake TWDownloader with TWDownload, both are very different tools that perform a similar function. They are both easy-to-use tools in order to download your favorite Twitter video and GIF files online.

Although TWDownloader uses the same method to download videos online, which is the copy and paste of URL links, it is a tad bit more intuitive than TWDownload. For starters, it is very easy on the eyes and simple to use and navigate.

On the other hand, it also seeks to answer the queries you have regarding downloading your favorite Twitter videos. This way you are not lost amidst the process.

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