6 Reasons to Visit South Sudan

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South Sudan may be riddled with crisis, insecurity and instability. However, the African nation is still a top destination for visitors. Here are six places to visit courtesy of online casinos.

  1. Experience wildlife migration at Boma National Park

Your trip to South Sudan will be remarkable if Boma National Park is on your list of places to tour. The national park’s area is about 22,800 square kilometres and is located next to the country’s border with Ethiopia. One of the most outstanding features Boma National Park brags is the excellent wildlife migration that it records from between March to April and between November to January. The migration here is unique as it involves the movement of about two million animals, including gazelles, kobs, and other antelope species. The migration starts from the Sudd and Bandingilo National Park, then progresses to Boma National Park and later to Ethiopia. If you want to catch these movements at their peak moments, you have to travel concerning the region’s rain patterns. The animals move when rains approach between March and April and return when the grass is greener again in the months between November and January.

  1. Have some priceless moments at Bandingilo National Park

You will undoubtedly love the great moments you will spend at Bandingilo National Park when you travel to South Sudan. The park is situated in the Equatorial region of the country and has not been a regular stop for many tourists since it was established in 1992. It spreads over an area of over 10,000 sq. km. It is one of the most treasured national parks in South Sudan because it also attracts the great migration of wildlife. This park also brags its richness in biodiversity with a variety of animals for you to watch, including giraffes, reedbuck, elephants, lions, cheetahs, leopards, and gazelles, among others.

  1. Get first-hand information about John Garang

If you want to learn more about African history and leaders who brought outstanding and remarkable changes in their country, you will have an interest in John Garang. He was a highly respected former leader of South Sudan who met his death in a chopper crash when coming back from a meeting in Uganda. He led liberation wars against the oppressive rule of the Sudanese government until they gained independence as South Sudan. A great mausoleum is built at the Avenue of Nations (a place where independence festivities are conducted) in the South Sudan capital for citizens and visitors to visit and learn about this great leader. The facility is highly guarded, and you must be very courteous when signing the visitor’s book so that you can get access without any issues. And you can play your favourite games from best real money casinos in USA freely without interruption.

  1. South Sudan is more peaceful now than before

Some of the major questions people ask when you mention visiting South Sudan include: “Is it safe to travel to South Sudan?” and “Where is South Sudan at now in the matters of war?”. Following the promising peace treaty of 2018, there has been a more peaceful atmosphere for visitors to come into the country without fear or worry. The emergence of churches and other places of worship has also boosted the young nation’s unity. The All Saints Cathedral, for example, attracts and brings together many of the influential people in Juba. It is also the main worship centre in Juba and is located between Gombura and Lanya Street.

  1. Enjoy some wrestling at Bor’s Freedom Square

South Sudan is made up of several tribes making up the vast South Sudan population that enjoy and share one thing in common: wrestling. Wrestling is a traditional sport that is practised among many of these tribes and is a uniting factor. You will undoubtedly love the view of bare-chested participants challenging each other for a duel in front of a large group of spectators. Winners get prizes summing up to several heads of cattle. You can only enjoy this thrilling sporting event during the weekends when you visit South Sudan.

  1. Easy entry, exit, and visa requirements

South Sudan has some of the most manageable and easily achievable entry, exit, and visa requirements. You will not have to strain too much to get into or leave the country so long as you adhere to the country’s entry and exit demands. You have to obtain your visa before arrival. Your passport has to have two blank pages and should be valid for six months after your entry date. Also, you have to give proof of Yellow Fever vaccination.

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