What does your office space say about you?

Whether you like your job or not, the biggest part of your day is spent at work. What is your workspace like? You may be surprised to learn that the state of your desk or work area shows a lot about what type of person you are – whether you are organized, cluttered, hardworking, lazy or creative. From decorating choices to how you organize your furniture, if you want to make a good impression on your boss, clients and colleagues, you might want to think about the state of your office.

What a mess

With papers scattered on the table, too much growing plants blocking the light, a coat hanging on the back of a chair and folders spilling onto a shelf. In your opinion, what kind of message does this office space give about people who work there?

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Not everyone hates messy offices because some of the most creative people in the world are surrounded by what seems like chaos to others. However, in the business world it does not give the desired appearance. This can ruin your career because you are considered to have bad work ethics, irregular thoughts, and lack of respect. Maybe your layout doesn’t help. Why not consider contacting a Commercial Fit Out Companies like mobiusatwork.co.uk?

Super Organized?

Conversely, offices that do not have a personal touch or decoration, which are too organized for example, can present a different set of problems. People can see it as a sign of lack of imagination. While a certain level of organization is essential for greater productivity, too much minimalism can hurt you. The organization is seen as a discipline and can be trusted but if it is too much to the extreme, you are seen as a robot and boring.

You need to find a middle ground

Finding the middle ground is difficult. Not everything in your office is a mess but preventing it from getting out of control is the key. What do you have to have and how to arrange it?

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When it comes to furniture, you don’t have to have too much. Only a few high-quality pieces are recommended. A good desk, a comfortable chair, and an adequate file cabinet are enough. Location also plays a role, because a cold room will need more things in it to warm it. What you want to achieve is a relaxed yet responsible design. A balanced approach is to regularly audit your space and understand the optimal amount of personal items that can be placed.

This approach provides the picture of an individual who is a hard worker and professional. Make sure your workspace sends messages that you want to send to your colleagues, seniors, and clients. Three important things to remember are:

Keep your office tidy

Furniture must be of good quality and neatly placed

Include one or two personal items to make you look more human and trustworthy.

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