This is how to prepare for Halloween

With October very quickly approaching there is an event coming up that most people join in with in their own way.  This can be from dressing up in themed clothing to going and knocking on doors and saying these classic words “Trick or treat”.

Some houses will really go all out and decorate the front of their windows, hang skeletons, string spider webs and much more.

Here are some ideas you can do!

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One idea that you could try if your really daring is to answer the door and then in reply to the question trick or treat say trick!  Most of the time the children will not of prepared a trick and will be a little surprised you have said it, especially if you then close the door.

If you want to be fair re open the door and get a bowl of sweets out.

Bowl of sweets – We have learnt very quickly that you have to take a sweet from your bowl and give it to each child or if you allow them to take the sweets you won’t have any left after two or three visits. You can also give them a little shock by giving them the sweets in the bowl but when they go to grab them set off a battery powered evil laugh.  That will make them jump.

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Warm – You will be opening and closing the door every ten minutes if you live on a busy road so perhaps keeping your heating on would be a good idea as around Halloween time can be very cold outside.  If your heating seems to be playing up it would be a great time to get a Gloucester Boiler Service company to come in to check it and get a full service for you.  There are some great companies out there to choose from but here is an option you could take

Light show – Some people will have light that move around on their own, motion sensor sound effects with flashing torches and even go as far as getting a projection unit shining into their window to make it look like a ghost is moving around.  This is costly but very effective and you can get it out every year and you will probably be able to sell it on afterwards so you won’t loose to much money on it.

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