Five Programming Languages to use

There are a huge number of programming languages, and even more frameworks and offshoots of popular languages. So many, in fact, that there is no realistic prospect of ever learning all of them. You will know them when you see them because of the logos used, imagery and graphic design.  They would of used a Branding Agency Gloucestershire way to help them by clicking on websites including

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If you’re looking to get into software development, or just to improve your value in the job market, you have to carefully pick and choose which languages to learn based on the sort of jobs you are interested in pursuing. To help with that decision, here are the five top languages.

Best for Databases: SQL

Structured Query Language, commonly known as SQL, is a single-purpose language which is used exclusively for database queries. In the age of ‘big data,’ however, databases are hugely important and likely to become more so.

While SQL is a single-purpose language, it is also the single most popular language for the purpose of databases, meaning that if you are interested in working with databases or breaking into the expanding field of data analysis and architecture, SQL is a worthy contender.

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Best for Web: JavaScript

While it has been around for decades, practically since the popularisation of the internet, JavaScript remains the standard for developing web-based applications and is therefore a hugely in-demand language.

If you are interested in a website or web application development or want to work with a professional, JavaScript is the language for you.

Best for Mobile: Java

Probably the most popular language worldwide, Java is the de facto standard for mobile app development.

While not the only mobile-friendly language, Java is the official language of Android development, so if that is your area of interest, you can’t go wrong with Java.

Best for Flexibility: Python

Python is an incredibly flexible object-oriented language with a huge repository of code snippets to draw from and a ‘high-level’ structure, making it one of the easier languages to learn, especially as a first step into coding.

Python is also used in a wide variety of sectors, from mobile to game development and scientific modelling.

Best for Desktop: C#

C# is the language most closely associated with Microsoft, so it should come as no surprise that it is the top choice for Windows applications.

If you are interested in business application or games development, C# is a strong choice.

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