Choosing the Right Kitchen Tools – Five Things that all Budding Chefs Need

Something that is both a practical skill to have as well as a great stress reliever is cooking. Learning to cook delicious meals is great fun and very rewarding. Something that most chefs will agree on when it comes to being able to cook to a high standard however is to make sure that you have the right tools for the job.

As with anything else, from carpentry to painting, having the right equipment is essential for getting your cooking to go well. So, what are the main things that you need to look for when picking out the right kitchen equipment for you?

Frying Pan – A frying pan in the kitchen is one of the main requirements of any budding chef. Making sure that it is good quality is essential – there are many modern technologies that can be used to make sure that your pan is non-stick, like electroless nickel plating like this and this is something to bear in mind when searching for your perfect pan. It is also worth looking at the various materials that frying pans are made from and the pros and cons.

Knives – All chefs need a good knife set. There are so many available to choose from that it can be quite overwhelming and hard to know what sort you need. A good place to start is a set of five that all can do different jobs. This can be quite an expensive investment as there are many knives that can cost hundreds of pounds, so do some thorough research on this and shop around. You may even be able to try the knives out before buying.

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Thermometer – To make sure that food is cooked right through, a thermometer takes the guesswork and the risk of food poisoning out of cooking. There are many different types available, and you are looking for a probe that you can put into the food to ensure the temperature in the middle is right.

Saucepan – Saucepans are another important all-rounder for chefs and come in a wide range of materials and styles. Whether you want to emulate top chef Gordon Ramsay and go for a ScanPan or research for yourself the types of pans that will suit your needs, be sure to take your time over this, as it is an investment that should last you years.

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Baking Dish – A baking dish or casserole dish is essential for many meals. From hearty pies to pasta bakes, these should be high quality and heat resistant. Many chefs favour sturdy ceramic dishes and consider the shape as well as you will find that they can be circular, rectangle or oval – depending on your main use and what you want to make look into the different types available.

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