7 Tips For Creating Killer Presentations To Have Your Audience Tongue-Tied

Need help unforgettably delivering your presentation? First and foremost, you need to nail the presentation and think about what your audience would like to hear and see throughout the creation process.

There’s no worse feeling when you are standing up on the stage, presenting a slideshow to the board of directors, and they start to get bored. Therefore, you must ensure your slideshow wows the audience and keeps them hooked to your every word until the end.

Ready to knock the socks off your slideshow viewers? Here are a few tips to get you started on creating a killer presentation.

One Idea, One Slide

Keep the presentation lighthearted and never try to cram too much on a single slide. Nobody likes slides overflowing with too much information. On the other hand, you must remember that you have to present your presentation verbally, and if there’s too much to see and hear, you’re already on the wrong foot of your audience.

It would be best to use one slide for a single idea or thought. Moreover, cramming too much means you are visually cluttering your presentation.

Use Annotation Tools To Keep Your Audience Focused

Want to annotate the screen of your presentation, so your audience knows where to focus while you’re presenting? You can use screen annotation tools like Presentify. Such tools will help you highlight the cursor while presenting and keep your audience engaged. It will help them understand where to focus and which parts are being emphasized.

Don’t Go Overboard With Fonts

Presentations are a way to showcase your creativity, but that doesn’t mean you end up cluttering the design by using too many fonts. You need to stick to two or a maximum of three fonts throughout your presentation.

It is a good idea to use bold, larger font for your headers, so they are highlighted, and for the rest of the copy, you can use a separate sans serif font.

Also, you can use two different fonts to differentiate the content of your presentation and the locations or names you have used.

But don’t use more than two or three fonts, and be consistent throughout your presentation. Your slides must appear cohesive.

Creating A Strong Contrast Is Recommended For Visual Appeal

When you are presenting your slideshow, There might be people sitting at the back of the room. Since they are far away from the screen, they might miss a few points if you don’t create a strong contrast. Therefore, ensure your text stands out easily against the background of your slides.

If you have chosen a dark background for your slides, the texts and other design elements must be light contrast.

Use One Image Per Slide

Like sticking to one idea per slide, you need to use one picture per slide. You don’t want to crowd your slide and put too much on the screen. It is always better to keep things simple.

You can incorporate images in a few different ways. For instance, you can use a single photo to add a little life to your slide, so it is not a block of text. You can also add graphics and charts. Finally, you can use an image as a background image that will be consistent throughout your slide.

Remember To Add Audio And Video

If you wish to create an interactive presentation, one of the best ways is to add video and audio. These are great elements for your slides and can help remove the monotony of your talking throughout the presentation. Instead, you can give yourself a little break in between and let the slides speak for themselves.

With the addition of video and audio, your presentation will go to another dimension. You can embed videos into the slides, choose audio clips or even record your audio to use in the slides.

The Animations And Transitions Must Be Consistent Throughout Your Slides

When adding animations and transitions to your slideshow, ensure the design elements are consistent throughout. It is easy to get excited about all the varied options available to you, but you need to control yourself from going overboard.

If the animations and transitions are not consistent, your slideshow will appear confused and overwhelm the audience. So, it is a good idea to stick to a single type of animation and transition throughout the slideshow.

Also, there’s no need to animate every element in your slideshow.

Besides these, you must be prepared to give the presentation energetically. You must truly believe in what you are presenting, which will keep the audience engaged.


These tips will help you in creating and presenting a killer slideshow. Keep these in mind for your upcoming presentation, and you will surely receive a lot of accolades for your effort.

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