The endless cool of Harvey Specter

For nine long glorious years we were able to bask in the coolness of one Harvey specter. Played with impeccable charm, taste and style by Gabriel Macht, Harvey Specter is a role model that men should try and look up to. Harvey is a great character and the type of character that men want to be and women want to be with. He is probably the closest that the United States of America ever has to a James Bond.  It is unlikely that Macht will get the nod for the role now that Daniel Craig has stopped being Bond which is a shame because he would probably make a good job of it.

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One of Harvey’s most common traits is looking good. There is no way that Harvey would be seen in informal or sloppy clothing. Harvey’s rule in life is that you have to look good doing whatever you’re doing and even when he is sparring in the ring to keep fit he still retains a certain suaveness. During the entire nine  seasons of ‘Suits’, time on screen spent in anything other than a suit is minimal. Harvey wears a suit like it was intended to be worn; as his suit of armour when going into a legal battle.

Although his job as a lawyer allows him to earn a solid wage you can bet that if he was going to wear something informal he would look to wear Tommy Hilfiger Menswear. You can also guarantee that he will have bought it from because if there is one thing that we have learnt about Harvey over the last nine years or so is that he loves a good deal.

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Another factor about his character is that he is a decent person and is quite capable of admitting his mistakes when he has made them and tries to do well by everybody. Not only does he give Mike Ross a  chance and completely changes his life forever, he guides others as well. He is always ready to offer the hand of friendship to Louis Litt, even when things have gone very wrong  and is a staunch defender of Donna Paulson in all matters. He is also fiercely loyal to his boss Jessica Pearson who he values above all else.

Harvey is greatly respectful of women. He treats them equally and has no problem with them being in charge of him or being as good as he is. He is a bit of a playboy but he has deep seated issues that we learn about during the show’s long run.

Gabriel Macht himself is a very similar moral person. He is very green in his outlook and is very keen on environmental matters. He was one of the Duchess of Sussex’s honoured guests at her wedding to Prince Harry. Whatever would Rachel Zane have thought?

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