Clothing every man should own

More and more men are becoming fashion and style conscious and looking good in clothing is no longer just for women. The rise of men’s high-end fashion and more influential designers of men’s clothing has meant that there are lots of options available from formal wear right through to the more casual leisure wear that many of us have been living in over the last year and a half.


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If you are looking for a gift for a style conscious man or perhaps you are fashion conscious yourself, here are some of the key items that every man should make sure they have in their wardrobe.

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Jeans – a staple feature of most people’s wardrobes, jeans are the perfect trouser option if you are looking for something that is casual, comfortable and stylish. There are many different styles of jeans from bootcut through to drainpipe and skinny jean styles. They are the perfect fit to wear for a nice casual day out and pair together with a good pair of trainers, a shirt and a nice jumper and jacket.

Suits – formalwear is still a great option for any man to have in their wardrobes. This could be to have to wear when attending events such as christenings and weddings or it might be that there is a need for more formal stylings when going to work. Either way there are some great options available and you can find suits in lots of different colours and styles so you can still show off your individuality and style preferences, even in mens formal wear.

Jackets – although you might not wear a jacket much during the Spring and Summer months, they really come into their own in Autumn and Winter. You can find them in lots of different styles and even from high profile designers such as the Mens Tommy Hilfiger Jackets like the ones from A jacket can finish off any outfit and add some more personality to your winter clothing. They are also perfect for offering to your date should they get a little cold on your date or evening out.

Shoes – no man can ever have too many shoes. There are so many different varieties to choose from and you will often find that the style conscious man will have a formal shoe, some shoes for work, a nice pair of boots and at least one pair of trainers in their wardrobe collection. It is important to think about what style and colour of shoe will work well with the clothing collection that you have so you will be able to mix and match them to make an almost endless selection of outfits.

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