Top 5 Sony Lenses in 2022

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Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 G Master II

24-70mm is perhaps the most versatile zoom lens you can have. It goes from a solid wide-angle to a short telephoto, making it a great all-arounder. That versatility earns it the top spot here. Released in June of 2022, this is Sony’s second iteration of the classic 24-70mm focal length. The update came with some very worthwhile improvements, most notably the more compact size. It’s 20% lighter than the first version and 16mm shorter. It’s the lightest 24-70mm available across any company. Thanks to its compact size and focal length range, it’s a perfect travel lens.

Sony FE 12-24mm f/2.8 GM

Ultra-wide-angle lenses are a bit of a niche product, but they are essential pieces of equipment for the likes of real estate and landscape photographers. They also are a fun tool for making creative and unique images. They provide dramatic, sweeping views and allow you to show more in a single frame. Sony’s ultra-wide stands out from the competition because it is the widest f/2.8 zoom you can buy. No other zoom lens is this fast and this wide.

Distortion can make ultra-wide lenses challenging. If you are shooting interiors, the last thing you want is dramatic, complicated distortion. Luckily, distortion is very well handled thanks to Sony’s design that includes three extreme aspherical elements and one standard aspherical element. That’s not to say it’s fully absent, but it’s simple barrel distortion at the wide end and pincushion when zoomed in, making it straightforward to correct.

Sony FE 16-35mm f/2.8 GM

16-35mm is an ideal focal length range for covering a wide range (no pun intended) of situations. It’s wide enough to do interior and real estate work, but having the ability to zoom to 35mm makes it perfect for group photos and some portraiture. The fast f/2.8 aperture makes it great in low-light situations, and the 11-blade rounded aperture allows for beautifully smooth bokeh. It would be a great lens to have in your kit if you are a wedding or event photographer. It can also be used at top online casinos for their live casino games.

The autofocus of this lens is fast and also essentially silent. That’s a plus if you shoot video or will be photographing in quiet spaces like churches. Unfortunately, there are no focus or depth of field scale markings on the lens, which means you can’t focus at a specific distance as easily. But, there is a focus hold button on the lens body. It’s a customizable button as well, should you want to use it for something else.

Sony FE 70-200mm f/2.8 GM OSS Lens

70-200mm is another one of those classic focal lengths, especially for anyone who takes portraits or photographs weddings. It’s an ideal range that allows for subtle telephoto action and pretty significant magnification in the same lens. This is Sony’s second iteration of this focal length, released in October 2021, and it has some big improvements.

One of the most helpful things was the reduction in size compared to its predecessor. Telephoto lenses are not light pieces of kit, so anything companies can do to shave off weight is welcome. At 2.3 pounds, the updated version of this 70-200mm is a full pound lighter than the original. That will make a significant difference if you are holding this lens for a full day of shooting.

Sony FE 85mm f/1.4 GM Lens

If you take a lot of portraits, 85mm is something you should have in your bag (or on your camera). This focal length offers the ideal amount of telephoto reach and its resulting benefits without putting you at a significant distance from your subject. The f/1.4 aperture of this G Master lens means that you can get a very shallow depth of field, creating excellent separation between your subject and the background. And it also is superb in low-light situations. Granted, there is no in-lens stabilization, but most Sony cameras offer it at the body level, and the fast aperture helps.

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