How to use Morse code in iOS devices

how to use morse code on ios

The Morse Code, once used for communications by telegraph, or to encrypt military posts, is a particular language that makes use of signs, sounds or flashing lights, to convey meaningful information made. Although nowadays it has been overtaken by the latest technologies, Morse code is still used by people with disabilities, by radio amateurs, or to send/receive emergency communications, or simply for fun. But is it possible to use Morse code on a modern smartphone? Of course, yes! In this guide, we will see how to use Morse code, in particular, making use of our ios device.

How to use Morse code?

Recently, Google announced that, shortly, the project involving the integration of Morse code on the keyboard it owns, that is Gboard, will be completed. If you are in the USA, or you have an iPhone / iPad located in the USA, you can access this function right now. Otherwise, you can simply change the system language in order to access it. Then download Gboard from the App Store, and once installed, open it; you will find, among the various options, the one relating to the language, select it, and then click on “Add language”. Scroll until you find the entry “Morse code”, then, apply it, and you will have activated the use of Morse code via Gboard!

how to use morse code on ios

Download Morse Code Guru

If you don’t have an ios device located in the US, or you don’t want to change the system language, you can download an alternative app to Gboard: Morse Code Guru. Once you have downloaded the application, you will be able to write normally inside it, and the written text will be automatically translated into written Morse code. You can also choose the translation into sounds, or flashing lights, using the rear camera flash. The app is also able to translate copied and pasted Morse code, or record and translate Morse code into sounds transmitted from other sources (for example, a radio). There is a Lite version of the app, which can be downloaded for free, which can then be updated with new functions, for a fee.

Use a website

As a last resort, you can take advantage of online sites, which offer translation services, or writing, in Morse code. An excellent site, suitable for this function, is Meris. Then open your browser, go to the site, and write the text you want to translate into Morse code, or, on the contrary, enter the Morse code you want to convert into plain text. Then tap on the “Click here to translate” button, et voilà, you will have your converted text, which you can copy and paste in the places you need it. Perfect, we have concluded, I hope the guide has been of help to you. See you soon!

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