How to Clear Passwords Saved on Safari

How to Clear Passwords Saved on Safari

Safari is the browser that is used for all Mac devices. This system has always been very successful, as it is fast and simple to use. The software provides intuitive channels and content, which allow easy accessibility and navigation. Added to these is the advantage of navigating safely through predefined settings. Also surfing the internet, it is intuitive and allows you to easily connect to the various programs. In this way, the passwords entered on the devices are accessible to everyone. To avoid this danger, there are methods to clear passwords on Safari. Follow me in this guide that I will explain How to clear passwords saved on Safari.

During the access, the latter require passwords. An essential detail to be able to enter on social networks and sites. Passwords are codes that certify the user, that is, they guarantee his identity. By enabling the latter to access IT resources or services. So from the moment they enter, they are often saved for convenience. This operation, however, can carry risks. Keep reading: How to remove glass screen protector?

How to clear passwords saved on Safari?

You will need:

  • PC
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Safari browser
  • Internet connection
  • MacOS operating system
  • IOS operating system

How to Clear Passwords Saved on Safari

Disable passwords on Safari for Mac

If you have a Mac and use Safari as a browser, you can disable password saves. The latter is a method that enables your security. A problem that is deeply felt in the IT field and that ranges on various fronts. By performing this simple action, you will preserve your device, making your data accessible only when you re-enter the code. To do this, you must first go to the main Safari menu. Check the page and choose Preferences, located at the top right. Then click on the AutoFill tab. When the window opens, remove the checkmark from the User name and password icon.

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Clear passwords on Safari for Mac

Now you have to clear the passwords on Safari for Mac. Then click on the Password box and uncheck it. After go to options click on Automatically fill usernames and passwords. Then check all the passwords of the sites, which you previously saved on Safari. To remove them, press the Remove button, located at the bottom right of the tab.

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Disable the iCloud keychain on Safari

In all Mac devices, there is the possibility to save the access keys, through the iCloud Keychain. This occurs through synchronization with other devices, such as phones and iPads. So if you want to disable the iCloud keychain, go to System Preferences. Select iCloud and remove the check from the keychain.

Clear passwords on Safari for smartphones and tablets

To conclude, there is also the possibility to delete passwords on Safari for smartphones and tablets. To perform this work, go to Menu and select Safari Settings and Password. At this point, all the data present will be deleted. To delete them, swipe on each site and click the Delete button. While if you have to remove the iOS Keychain, go to iCloud Setup and click on the same item. Then move the lever to Off.

To protect passwords, you can use a program, present under extension in the browser. The latter allows you to memorize and protect your passwords with an access key called master password.

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