How to Soundproof a Bedroom Cheaply

how to soundproof a bedroom cheaply

Sleeping peacefully, without interruptions or hassles, is essential to recover energy. The sleep phase allows the brain to recharge and “rearrange” ideas. Spending quiet nights, however, is not always possible. Sometimes the cause is psychological in nature, where stress plays a key role. At other times, however, the cause is external. Those who live in apartment buildings or in very noisy and busy areas know it well. Many would like to acoustically isolate the bedroom to remedy the inconvenience. But how to soundproof a bedroom cheaply? It is possible to do it on a modest budget and a little organization.

How to soundproof a bedroom cheaply?

You will need:

  • Some libraries
  • Sound absorbing panels
  • Soundproofing curtains

how to soundproof a bedroom cheaply

Take advantage of large libraries

Acoustically isolating the bedroom allows you to filter both incoming and outgoing sounds. With the right soundproofing, we can thus avoid annoying others. Disturbing sounds can pass through the walls if they are not well insulated. An ingenious method of limiting the problem lies in libraries. Those who have many books to exhibit can get a wall bookcase that covers the entire area. The books would help to cushion the noises, limiting the annoyances. But this is not a solution practicable by all. There are, however, excellent alternatives. Read also: Diy concrete pool

Apply sound-absorbing panels

The most classic of the alternatives is that of sound-absorbing panels. Everyone will have, at least once, seen a recording room. The walls have curiously shaped panels, whose function is precise to acoustically isolate the room. The same technique can be used to acoustically isolate the bedroom. Today we can easily find such panels for sale. They have an adhesive side, for a practical wall application. They are generally small 30×30 square panels, like simple floor tiles. This would also allow us to create picturesque compositions of various colors.

Hanging soundproof curtains

Most disturbing sounds pass through the “weak” points of the room. And one of them is the window. If most of the noise comes from outside the house, soundproofing the windows may be the solution. But how do you do it? It is very simple, although this solution will require a little extra expense. On the market, we can find particular curtains, called “soundproofing”. Apparently these curtains are similar to the others. In reality, they have three or more layers of highly sound-absorbing fabric. Using these curtains in the bedroom would reduce outside noise by 7-8 decibels. Adopting all these solutions together can transform the bedroom into a silent paradise.

Part of the noise comes, often and willingly, from the vibration of some furniture on the floor. Laying this furniture on a small surface covered with polystyrene can considerably mitigate the problem. The aforementioned sound-absorbing panels can also be used as a support surface.

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