How do downlight covers work

If you have downlights in your home, perhaps in your living room or kitchen you might have been told about the benefits of Downlight Covers like those from Therrmahood Direct. As downlights are fitted into your ceiling space with a cold space above them so that the light does not overheat, this can cause cold air to leak into the room below and also allows for the warm air that you build up in your house to escape through the gap. Now whilst this might not be a problem in the warmer summer months, in the winter you could be heating up your home for some of it to escape and you may notice a draught from around your downlights.

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If you install downlight covers you can help prevent the above from happening. They help to stop the heat loss through the gap created by the downlight installation and they prevent draughts from around the light from being created. This in turn can then help your energy efficiency and mean that you are not spending more money on heating your home.

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As well as improving the energy efficiency of your home downlight covers can also help prevent the lights from becoming a fire risk, prevent condensation from occurring around the light space that can then lead to damp and mould and can also help prevent dust and dirt from dropping through the gaps around the lights into the room below.

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