Why oak is such a great construction material

Oak is an incredible construction material and it has been around for centuries with some oak trees in the UK being hundreds of years old. It is such a versatile wood that it can be used in everything from furniture design right through to Oak Garages like the ones you can see if you visit Timberpride. It has been used as a material for centuries and there are many stories of great oaks playing parts in history and in the myths and legends of the country. One example of this is the Great Oak in Sherwood Forest which is thought to have been a meeting place and shelter for Robin Hood and his men.  But why is it still so popular to work with?

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Durability – one of the key reasons that oak has been a popular construction material for many years is the fact that it is an incredibly durable wood. It is not only strong but it is also moisture resistant which means it can be used for constructing items such as boats and buildings without being affected by the water. The wood is also incredibly hardy and good at withstanding a number of weather elements such as wind, rain and even snow. Some houses that have been built of oak in the 1500s can still be seen today and a lot of them are still in very good condition.

Versatility – Oak can be used in a variety of different ways and due to its durability and other benefits it has been used in everything from furniture and flooring through to ship building. It was a popular choice for many years for large boats and ships as the wood is strong, water resistant and it is also hardy and resistant against rotting, pest and insects and other forms of decay.

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Aesthetics – all woods can be painted and stained to improve their aesthetic appearance but Oak is a particularly beautiful natural wood. It has a very rich colour tone to it and the natural markings make it a wonderful choice for furniture and construction items where the wood is going to be visible. This is one of the main reasons why top coats of varnish tend to be used on oak wood products rather than wood stains or paints. The exposed wood look can add charm and elegance to any home or building.

One key consideration when choosing wood products to work with and use is to ensure that it comes from an ethically and sustainably sourced company. These are companies that will replace the trees that they cut down with new ones and will ensure that they are cutting trees down on a cyclical basis rather than removing entire forests.

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