Drain Lining – What it is, and How it Can Save You Time and Money

Drain lining, like that offered by Wilkinson Environmental is a non-intrusive method that effectively replaces old fashioned methods of excavation and all of its associated inconveniences. No matter what size leak you have, this trenchless system can line it in less than half the time that it would normally take with traditional methods. Because it requires little digging, there is little labor involved with using this system as opposed to other traditional repair options.

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Root Inserts/Lining: While it may sound like an oxymoron, root ingress is exactly what it sounds like. A root ingress is simply the enlargement of a larger, damaged pipe by a large amount of earth, metal, or grime. The metal, earth, and grime expands the size and length of the damaged pipe, creating larger holes than before, and often times larger cracks in the piping system. These larger cracks often times spread large amounts of water damage throughout the structure of your home and also compromise the structural integrity of the wall.

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Drainage System: Most drains are man-made, constructed out of flexible materials such as polyethylene, PVC, or aluminum. Although these materials are quite flexible when manufactured, they are not so flexible when exposed to the natural elements. This means that over many years of exposure to the elements, these pipes become brittle and begin to crack. These cracks expand into structural cracks in the piping system and often times cause major drainage problems within the home. With the use of a professional grade Drain Lining service there is a way to protect against these types of damages, and to repair any drainage system problems that you may have.

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