Choosing the ultimate Christmas Day outfit

When it comes to Christmas day dressing, the options are varied.

For many people it can seem a little bizarre to get dressed up to sit in their own dining room; for others, going out means going to town with their outfit.

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With a report in the Telegraph suggesting that Christmas lunch bookings in restaurants and pubs are on the rise, it could be time to ditch the novelty jumper in favour of something a little more glamorous.

Even if you are staying at home with your loved ones this year, Christmas is a universal day of love and cheer, so give it a sense of occasion by making an effort with your outfit. If you are struggling for wardrobe ideas for the big day, here are some suggestions.

Consider your location

If you are heading out to a fancy restaurant this year, it is not unusual to go the whole hog with a shirt, tie and waistcoat; after all, the people serving you are giving up their Christmas day to wait on you, so it is important to look the part. Consider your surroundings and comfort; for example, don’t overdress in case your table is next to a radiator. Layering garments such as shirts, jumpers and jackets can help.

Colours and fabrics

Christmas is a time of luxury and class, so opt for sumptuous fabrics such as velvet to set off your outfit. Try to include Christmas colours such as red, green and gold.

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We all tend to indulge in a bit of festive gluttony, so it is important to dress practically for the occasion. You can do comfort and style simultaneously, especially if you are staying at home; for example, loose-fitting Farah shirts without a collar from stockists such as give the impression of class without being restrictive and uncomfortable. Pair them with chinos for an effortlessly stylish look.


Christmas is a great time to play around with accessories. Whether this is some funky socks, a quirky hat or even some novelty beard baubles, you can bet that everyone will get into the Christmas spirit with a few colourful, fun accessories. It is the one day of the year that it is OK to be a little wacky and enjoy yourself, so make the most of it!

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