How soil impacts on human health

The quality of soil can have far-reaching effects, on everything that matters from plants to animals and of course, people. Soil can contain a wide range of harmful metals and toxins which can be damaging to human health. We tend to worry about the pollutants that exist in our atmosphere and fresh water, but forget that these same pollutants can just as easily end up in the soil that grows our food. Luckily there are ways to mitigate the effect of poor quality soil and prevent the potential health risks.

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Heavy metals in soil

Metals can enter soil naturally via the weathering and erosion of rocks. But metals can also enter soil from human activity such as manufacturing and metal mining. The most worrisome metals found in soil include Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium, Copper, Nickel, Mercury and Zinc. These metals, which can enter the human body via plants that grow in soil, can disrupt enzyme activities in the body, notably affecting the brain, liver and kidneys

Chemicals in the soil

A wide number of organic chemicals end up in our soil too. Chemicals from pesticides and herbicides are commonly found in soil, especially soil which has been used for agricultural purposes. High levels of chemicals are also found in soil that is close to areas used for industrial activities such as manufacturing, coal burning and waste incineration, not to mention more generally from motor emissions. One of the biggest chemical concerns is asbestos which is found in sites where buildings that contained the chemical have been removed or knocked down. In recent years there has also been growing concern about antibiotics in the soil as a result of animal farming. If these enter the human body they can cause resistance and thus reduce our defence against disease.

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The answer

The answer to contaminated soil is soil remediation, a cleaning process which removes dangerous chemicals and metals from the soil. A service offered by a land remediation company such as is a fast and effective way to treat the soil in both domestic and commercial settings.

Soil contamination is an ever-growing concern in a rapidly more polluted world. Soil may contain heavy metals, organic chemicals and non-organic chemicals, all of which pose a threat to our health. Soil remediation is the easiest way to clean both domestic and commercial soil.

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