5 Hot Jobs for New College Grads

Hot Jobs for New College Grads

There seems to be a common misconception that holding a college degree automatically equates to job opportunities.  However, that’s not how the economy works.  Just because there are qualified workers doesn’t mean there are enough jobs to employ them.  The good news is that economic recovery is in full swing after the recent recession, and new jobs are being created.  The only question for college grads is if those jobs are in fields they hold degrees in.  If you’re currently considering college majors, it’s important to do some research into growth markets so that you can be assured of finding work when you graduate from college.  Here are just a few of the industries that look to see the most growth in the coming years.

  1. Engineering

Engineers of all types are in high demand, so if you’re technically minded, this is a great field to consider.  You also have many options to explore.  Industries that seem to feature the best prospects for college grads with degrees in engineering include petroleum, nuclear, aerospace, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering.  No matter what other interests you have, if you enjoy math, science, and technology, you’re bound to find a career that suits you with a degree in engineering.

  1. Nursing

There’s a lot going on in the medical and healthcare fields right now.  Over the next several years, jobs are slated to grow due to retiring doctors and fewer students obtaining medical degrees.  In addition, Obamacare has changed the face of healthcare, with more emphasis being placed on preventive and after care as a means of reducing the need for costly medical procedures and relapses.  This means that there will soon be a greater need for nurses, physician’s assistants, and other non-doctor medical staff to meet the changing needs of the healthcare industry.

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  1. Mathematics

The number of fields that require workers skilled in statistics might surprise you and applied mathematics.  While not every company employs such workers, every industry has need for those with skills crunching numbers and figuring out how to get from point A to point B.  If you have a head for math, take the time to consider mathematics degrees that are currently in high demand.

  1. Finance

In the wake of the Great Recession, individuals are changing the way they approach finance and the prospect of preparing for the future.  Fewer adults are electing to put money into standard retirement accounts and investment opportunities.  Instead they’re looking for ways to save money by living within their means, invest in passive income opportunities like real estate, and find safer ways to make their money work for them.  As a result, there are a growing number of jobs in financial analysis and management as lenders and investment firms seek new ways to interest millennials in investment opportunities. 

  1. IT

Information technology is a growing field for three reasons.  First, it has become an integral part of business operations.  Second, technology is constantly changing.  Finally, every business needs qualified individuals to keep up with industry trends in order to ensure that their company remains relevant, competitive, and secure.  Whether you opt for a degree in computer science from Washington State University or you study IT systems, management, or security, for example, you’ll find yourself well positioned to seek jobs in nearly any industry.

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