How to Reduce your Risk of Nightmare Tenants

The current demand for private rental properties is really high, and there are lots of people who are looking for the right property to rent. If you are considering renting your property out, something that might be putting you off is having nightmare tenants who are going to cause all sorts of issues and damage to the property.

There are however lots of things that you can do to reduce the risk of this happening, here are some of the ways to attract the right tenants to your property…

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Find a Good Lettings Agent – A good local lettings agent like this letting agents Cheltenham based company will know the area well and as well as being able to give you help and advice, they will also manage the process for you as well as being able to do inspections on the property to ensure that it is being looked after. A letting agent will also be able to advise you on the right price to charge for rent, to ensure that you don’t lose out by making it too cheap, or that you don’t price yourself out of the market.

Present the Property Well – Make sure that your property is well presented and in good repair. If it isn’t, you may be in danger of attracting people who don’t care about keeping the property in a good way and might think that you aren’t concerned about it either. A well-presented property is much more likely to attract people who will keep it that way, and it will also likely be snapped up more quickly as it will appeal to more people.

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Think About the Target Market – All houses will have their own target market, and these are the ones that you will want to attract. For example, a flat that is close to the town centre might be something that is in demand by young professionals who want to be close to work as well as local nightlife.

You can put the pros for professional people in the advertisement, as well as including things like Wi-Fi and other things that would be beneficial to busy younger people.

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