4 Essential College Dating Tips for Freshman

Essential College Dating Tips for Freshman

When you are a freshman in college, you may have a ton of questions. Indeed, life in college is not the same as it was when you were back home. During your freshman year, this reality may come crashing down on you. One of the biggest things you may have questions about may be regarding dating in college. The truth is that you may receive some skewed college dating advice from your friends and upperclassmen. You have to remember that your first year of college should be devoted to setting up your classes, deciding on a major and nailing down your prerequisites. Unless dating fits seamlessly into your life, you may want to put it off until you have the time. This is just some of the smart dating advice you should hold on to when you are a freshman. Here are four essential college dating tips for freshman.

  1. Stay Away from a Serious Relationship During Your First Year

The truth is that it might be smart to stay away from dating during your first year of college. You really want to be focusing on all your freshman requirements and dating could distract you. The last thing you want is to start things off on the wrong foot, because it could set up a domino effect for how the rest of your years at college will go. Start things off right and you will have a much better chance at surviving in college.

  1. It’s Time to Break Off that Long Distance Connection

Another important piece of advice is that you might want to put an end to that long distance relationship, especially if it is slowing you down. There is a good chance that you are investing a lot in college, so you don’t want a relationship from back home to put a wrench in your ability to do well in college, especially during your first year. If you are going to Syracuse University and your beau is back in California, it may be time to start looking ahead. Of course, if you are home and going to NEC Online, you may be able to balance things out a little better.

  1. Keep Your Priorities Straight

Of course, if you do start dating, or if you meet someone when you are a freshman, you want to keep your priorities straight. Of course, school is your number one priority. Sure, it may be exciting to meet someone, but you could easily let your romance take over your life, which is something you don’t want. If you keep things on an even keel, do your homework and go to class on time, you should be fine.

  1. Know What You Want Before You Date

On top of everything, you want to know what you want in a partner before you start dating. If you want someone with a bit of ambition, and not an undeclared junior with no real direction, you want to be selective. In the end, sometimes you have to be pragmatic when it comes to dating, especially during your first year of college.

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