Snowpiercer season 2: a trailer and a release date for the SF series

Snowpiercer season 2

The Snowpiercer Season 2 teaser shows a bit more about actor Sean Bean, aka Mr. Wilford, with a release date. Attention, spoilers!

A new adaptation of the comic book  Le Transperceneige, a monument of French pop culture and science fiction, created by Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette in 1984, after the excellent  Snowpiercer: Le Transperceneige by Korean filmmaker  Bong Joon-ho  (crowned with a Palme d’Or, in 2019, and an Oscar for best director, in 2020, for  Parasite ), released in 2013,  the Snowpiercer series will have been talked about when it was broadcast in May 2020 on the Netflix platform.

Indeed, the first season of the series, in addition to having lived a chaotic production, was coldly received by the critics, as much by the American press as French, whereas a second season had already been ordered well before the diffusion. from the Serie. And this icy reception did not at all compromise the plans for the series produced by the TNT channel.

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A first teaser revealed the presence of a new major character in this second season, namely Mr. Wilford, already strongly teased at the end of the first season and played by actor  Sean Bean  ( Game of Thrones,  The Lord of the rings,  GoldenEye ), and a slightly bigger trailer just dropped.

In view of these new images, we can expect to see this second season focus on the clash between Andre Layton ( Daveed Diggs ), leader of the revolt on board, and Mr. Wilford, aka Sean Bean. As a reminder, the character entered the scene at the end of the first season, with a new, technologically more advanced train. Here Wilford is likely to create discord within Layton’s revolution, in what is shaping up to be a far more dangerous two-camp fight in this new season.

This trailer also comes with a release date for Season 2, which will arrive on TNT on January 25, 2021, in the United States. The series has not yet announced a French release date for the moment, but it should probably land a few months later on Netflix, broadcaster of the first season in French-speaking countries in May 2020. The cast will also be cast. the first season, namely  Jennifer Connelly, Mickey Sumner, or  Alison Wright.

While waiting for a release date for this second season, hoping it will be more thrilling than the previous one, which served as more of an introduction to the world of comics on the small screen, you can still find out what we think of Snowpiercer season 1.

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