How to freeze celery: we show you the easiest way

How to freeze celery

Freezing celery is a good way to preserve vegetable scraps. But should you freeze it raw or cooked? Pay attention to what we tell you now. Also, celery has many benefits if you eat it raw.

Celery is a versatile vegetable that you can use in a number of ways in the kitchen. Especially with celery, there is always something left over, as it is sometimes too big. You can freeze it without problems. We explain what you should pay attention to.

Freezing celery: how to do itHow to freeze celery

Celery Turnip:

  • Peel the celery. It is best to remove half an inch of skin with a sharp knife. Peel and clean the celery easily.
  • Cut celery into slices and, depending on your taste and later use, cut more into large or small cubes. You decide the thickness depending on what you want to do with it later.
  • Now you can freeze it in portions, if possible in glass or stainless steel containers to avoid using plastic.

If you want, you can also cook the celery before freezing it. Then you just have to heat it before consuming it. Let the cooked celery cool completely before freezing it. You can freeze it in portions just like raw celery.

Raw celery can be frozen for up to six months, cooked celery for only three. Take a look at our sustainable kitchen accessories, maybe you will find inspiration for your dishes.

Celery is also a vegetable that grows over and over again. So if you like to grow your own vegetables, don’t miss our tips.

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How to freeze stick celeryHow to freeze celery

Unlike celeriac, you should always blanch the celery before freezing.

  • Clean the celery: cut the stem and leaves and then wash them.
  • Cut the celery into the shape and size you want.
  • Place it in a large pot of boiling water and prepare a large container of ice water.
  • Put the celery in boiling water and let it cook for three to four minutes
  • Then pour it into the ice water
  • Drain the celery well and let it dry completely, then freeze it in portions as described above.

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You can store celery for up to a year. If you freeze it without blanching, you can only keep it for two months. If what you want is to add a different note to your celery-based dishes, in case you cannot freeze it, we recommend these magnificent products that you surely do not know: celery sea salt, dried celery leaves, of organic quality and organic juice of celery.

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