Aaron Carter Net Worth, Biography, Lifestyle and Achievements

aaron carter net worth

Aaron Carter (Florida, 1987) will be 30 in December, but his face looks like that of a 40-something man. It is lean, aged, and has that look so characteristic of a train without brakes that it is about to crash while the industry looks sideways. Not too carefully, either: Carter is not even famous enough to interest his decline. Despite that, today he appears in some media after being arrested for drunk driving and in possession of marijuana. In this article, we will present Aaron carter net worth, biography and lifestyle.

In a world where the media has shown a true obsession with Britney, Justin or Lindsay’s free falls, it is surprising that they have ignored Aaron’s, whose case is probably much sadder than that of these child prodigies because he, in the first place It never was.

Aaaron carter earlier life

He was the brother of a child prodigy, Nick Carter, the youngest member of the Backstreet Boys and the one who most attracted the attention of fans for his all-American-boy look and his perfect half-striped poet hairstyle and falling mini hair. on the sides of two blue eyes. The operation to make Aaron Carter a star of the song was one of those shameless things of an industry eager to scratch sales anywhere.

In 2016, during an interview for the Where are they now section from Oprah Winfrey’s channel – an especially humiliating space not only because of its name but because Oprah doesn’t consider it important enough to present it herself – Carter stated about the beginning of her career: “I don’t think she had a voice to sing. I think it made it fatal, but they planned it as a joke and I later tried to be good. “

Aaron’s parents were his managers. He started singing and touring to support his brother’s group, as well as contemporaries like Britney Spears, from the age of seven. ” People don’t understand my story or how complex it is, ” he added in the Oprah chain space. “There was a lot of negligence on the part of my parents, there were a thousand things that did not do well. But at the same time, I thought that money is not the most important thing ”.

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Aaron carter net worth

aaron carter net worth

Aaron carter’s main income source is singing, writing songs, acting, rapping and dancing. Also, he earned a lot from advertising. According to Forbes and other reports, Aaron carter’s net worth is about 400 million dollars.

As a result of this negligence, always according to Aaron’s own version, the 20 million dollars that he should have obtained when he turned 18 as part of his earnings remained in two … and he discovered that he owed four to the Treasury.

All that money came from a career that no one took seriously except him. In his four studio albums, there is no trace of a producer of a certain reputation. His first three albums were conceived solely to please the public of Disney Channel or Nickelodeon, the same one that is destined to observe those discs, after a few years, as a shame and not as a tender memory or a vintage jewel. These are their titles. Pay attention to how Aaron’s name is included in all, in case any 6-year-old client had difficulty remembering the name of her favorite artist.

Lifestyle and achievements

When Aaron was able to publish an album in which no song bore his own name and whose titles included all the words that appear in the Oxford Dictionary, no one was willing to listen: his fourth album Another Earthquake! It sold 41,000 copies its first week, 23,000 the second, and disappeared from the charts. His Disney audience was no longer there. He has not released any other albums since. At age 15, when any teenager is thinking about which career to choose for a living, Aaron was already done with his.

From here, Carter ceased to interest teenage girls and began to interest the press. He alternated romances with Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan, faced in court Lou Pearlman (the dark businessman who created Backstreet Boys and ‘Nsync and whose biggest passions were money, boy bands and boys themselves), tried to be Actor in the semi-autobiographical Popstar (2005) and participated with his brother Nick in the reality show House of Carters, of which only 8 episodes aired between October and November 2006.

In September 2006, he proposed to former Playboy model Kari Ann Peniche in Las Vegas. Peniche had previously been a partner with her brother Nick and had known Aaron for five days. The engagement, after being announced to the press, was broken less than a week later.

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In February 2008, he was arrested by the Texas Police for possession of marijuana. He spent one night in the dungeon.

In 2009 she participated in Dancing with the stars (the Mira Que baila Americana) during an edition that was more publicized by her low audience than by her choreography.

In 2010, he announced that he had bought a slice of a pizza parlor in Fort Lauderdale and that the first five fans to come to buy a slice of pizza would find himself serving it to him.

In June 2010 he declared that he was preparing a new album and accompanied the promotion of photos on the networks in which he showed his new muscles and advertised a gym. The album never saw the light.

In January 2011, he entered a rehabilitation center in California. In June of that same year, he declared during an interview with OK! Magazine that Michael Jackson had given him cocaine at age 15.

In 2012, as Aaron regained some of his brilliance and received rave reviews in the off-Broadway play The Fantasticks, Leslie Carter, the sister of Aaron and Nick, died suddenly.

In November 2013, he filed for bankruptcy, alleged that he had no cash and that the total sum of his properties reached only $ 8,232.16.

In 2016, during one of the tours she organizes to stay afloat, an admirer asked her in Virginia to sing I want candy, one of her childhood hits. Aaron determined to show himself as an adult artist who only sings the most recent singles that he has been publishing independently, refuses and explains: “ No, that is not going to happen. I’m 28 years old, darling, I’ve grown. ” The artist who filled stadiums with his brother’s heels at the age of 10 then sees how those attending his concert in the small place begin to boo him.

This is the only way to explain that his video for Fool’s gold, one of the singles with which he tried to return to the charts in 2016 and in which, it must be said, his vocal performance is quite good for the erratic life he led, Don’t turn into a gigantic prank to nurture fifty Tumblr accounts. Attention to the choreography, her clothes, the poses and outfits of the unfortunate model who plays the video girl, Carter’s makeup, her cap, her tattoos and how she plays the piano that is only painted on her forearm.

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