Adrien Broner Net Worth, Biography and Round by Round Facts

adrien broner net worth

Adrien Broner assures that Marcos “Chino” Maidana’s life changed the day they both faced each other on December 14, 2013, in a match in which the Argentine took the victory, snatched the welterweight world title from the World Boxing Association, and opened up the opportunity for him to have two fights with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Broner spoke about Maidana’s retirement. In this article, we will present Adrien Broner’s net worth, biography and facts.

Adrien Broner biography

“Man, I am happy for him. He is my brother, he is my nigger. How are you doing, Maidana? ” He said Maidana to Fight Hype . “I wanted to screw you because you didn’t want to fight me again, but I’m fine with that. It is not true, it is a joke, he is my brother, and I am happy for him ”.

In Adrien Broner’s opinion , he is responsible for the fact that better bags have arrived for Maidana because when he took the victory, the Argentine rose to a level of Latin star that he had not had before.

adrien broner net worth

“I’m happy that I changed his life,” said Broner. “We are good friends, and I am happy that he is doing well. But we won’t be able to fight again, I wanted a rematch. ”

In addition, the 27-year-old boxer who lost the WBA superlight world title on April 1 of this year, not giving weight in the fight against the British Ashley Theophane, referred in a good way to the Argentine wishing him the best in his life. “I’m very happy for him, he did very well, really.”

Marcos René Maidana announced his retirement on August 9, as he did not feel like he was in a position to return to the ring. The announcement was made through social networks.

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Adrien Broner net worth

The American Adrien Broner recalled that he can put on a good show without having to resort to antics and got into the select group of punchers who have conquered crowns in four different categories, holding on to the vacant crown of the super lightweight of the World Boxing Association by winning by Technical knockout for Russian Khabib Allakhverdiev with 27 seconds to go until the end of the last round held at the US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, the home of the new monarch. According to studies and reports, Adrien Broner’s net worth is about 9 billion US dollars.

Nicknamed ‘The Problem’ he joins his compatriots Thomas Hearns, Sugar Ray Leonard, Roy Jones Jr, the Panamanian Roberto ‘Mano de Piedra’ Durán, the Filipino Nonito Donaire, the Mexican Juan Manuel Márquez, the Venezuelan Leo Gámez and Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto in winning titles in the same number of categories, four. Broner had been crowned super featherweight, lightweight, and welterweight.

His opponent Allakhverdiev promised some problems for Broner, but the opposite was seen in the development of the fight. The local dominated from start to finish and at times he could anticipate the end on the fast track in some exchanges that excited his countrymen.

Round by round

First round: The clearest blow was a forehand from Adrien Broner who was seen in a clear counterattack position. Russian Khabib, left-handed, had the initiative.

Second round: The clearest hands of the round went to the American who waited for him with a right upper hand in one of the many unsuccessful attempts by the Europeans. The Americans scored the second round.

Third round: The punchers started to get their thing. Russian Khabib delivered a good right hand at the start of the assault on Broner, but Broner responded with a pair of forehand shots to the face of the former 140 champions.

Fourth round: The three-time champion clearly got his right hand that hurt the Russian again. The jab and upper returned to pay good dividends to Adrien Broner.

Fifth round: Adrien Broner looks fluid from the ropes despite the Russian pressing him against them. From there, Broner hits him with good and repeated upper right. The Americans entered the path of dominance.

Sixth-round: A dominant Broner lacked seconds to send the Russian Khabib to the canvas who, with a minute to go, began to exchange with Broner, but felt the dynamite of the local hitter.

Seventh round: The Russian who previously tried to corner Broner against the ropes, now finds himself in these without a power response to get rid of the harassment of Adrien Broner who is on the way to a unanimous victory if not before knocking out.

Eighth round: Adrien Broner who already dominates the fight easily at this point began to appeal to that part of his script that borders on the dislike of many people. To good rights from bottom to top, Broner added some antics.

Round 9: A new forehand from Broner shook the head of the Russian who each time shows his limited technique to respond and the little weight in his left foot to get Adrien into trouble.

Tenth round: Khabib Allakhverdiev takes the shame to try to respond to the accurate attacks by Adrien Broner who at times seems to be going to deal with the powerful blow that puts the Russian to sleep, but he lacked time when he decided to attack in the rounds.

Eleventh round: The versatility of Broner’s repertoire of punches almost brought the Russian into the tapestry. The North American showed intensity wanting to liquidate.

Twelfth round: in the absence of 27 seconds, referee Harvey Dock Jr stopped the lawsuit before the attack and no response from the Russian. Adrien Broner won and is the new WBA super light champion.

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