Politicians across the world who have worked as political editors

Political life can be very difficult and draining. Politicians are at the mercy of elections and the Democratic process.  This stressful time can also be particularly rewarding for them.  However it must seem something of  a change when they leave office.  Here are some examples of political figures and what they have gone on to do.

  • Alastair Campbell. Alastair Campbell was one of the leading lights of the new Labour movement from the late 90s onwards. After 10 years of service he removed himself from the party but remained an advisor.  He is now the political editor of the European and one of its major contributors.
  • George stephanopoulos. the Campbell equivalent to President Bill Clinton he moved on to become a prominent.  He was also the network’s political affairs programme presenter this week, broadcast on a Sunday.

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  • Martin Kettle.  Another advisor to the Labour Party kettle was responsible for Political advice to the then leader Neil Kinnock.  He has also moved on to work in newspapers.  He is currently the editor associate for, and a columnist with the Guardian.

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  • Finally, Steve Cannae was an advisor to the then Australian Labor Party leader Mark Latham. After serving him for many years he moved on to become the political editor for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, a position he retains to this day.

Becoming a political editor, or columnist is a natural transition for these highly experienced people working in the political world.

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