Activities to keep you off your phone!

Cooking or baking is a great way of switching off from problems of the day and creating something you will look forward to eating. If you struggle to motivate cooking for dinner, why not try a meal plan each week to avoid the stress of last-minute meals? This way you will be cooking meals you have chosen, and you can take this opportunity to put away your phone, turn on some music and get cooking! Baking is also a fun way to pass the time instead of scrolling.

Go outside! It may seem mundane but if you don’t go on a walk a day, even if it’s around the block, then it can be the perfect way to rewind away from technology. Spend your free time finding a new walking route or park and take a stroll away from your screen, immersing all your senses in nature. This can also help keep on top of positive mental health.

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Another activity that links well to maintaining a healthy mindset is journaling or meditation. Instead of scrolling aimlessly for the first or last hour of your day, why not take up something productive and reflect on your day? This kind of mindfulness does not need any resources and once you find a technique or practice that works for you it can become part of your daily routine.

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If you find yourself with heavy eyes when using your phone, then maybe your body is trying to tell you something. If you have the time, then take a nap. It can be easy to sit on your phone for hours on end and not register that you are exhausted and need time away from the blue light.

Taking up a completely new hobby can be time-consuming, however, something crafty can be the perfect therapeutic activity to fill your time in the evenings. Knitting or sewing are both relatively easy skills to pick up and can be completely without much concentration which makes for a relaxing activity that may help with winding down to go to sleep in the evening. Companies such as Wool Couture sell different concepts online like Crochet Blanket kits, which are fun projects to get into.

Often dismissed, finding a book that you get engrossed in a novel or autobiography you will forget your phone was ever there. Taking the time to discover a genre of books or author that takes your fancy can be the difference between giving up on a book after the first page and reading it all in one sitting.

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