Merino Wool – What Makes it So Special and Desirable?

One of the most popular and sought after fabrics in the world is merino wool. From things like this irish sweater men like to cosy blankets, this is a material that has many uses. It comes from the merino sheep, which mostly live in Australia and New Zealand, and it is desirable for many reasons, including the fact that it is a great insulator, is absorbent and is also water resistant.

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For this reason, it is one of the best materials to use for garments that will involve being outdoors a lot. From camping and hiking, to shooting and fishing, in the winter months it is always good to have clothing made from this fabric to help you to keep warm when the outside temperatures are low. There are different varieties of merino wool, and it is also a wool that is associated with and used to blend with luxury wools such as cashmere.

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The fact that it is useful both for creating durable and practical outdoor clothing, as well as for soft luxury fabrics is another reason why it is so popular with clothing manufacturers. It is a good job that Australia has such a large population of the special merino sheep there with demand for the wool being so high – in fact there are around 53 million merino sheep in Australia! Wood and is a significant part of the Australian economy.

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