Behind the Prime minister

The role of Prime Minister is the most senior politician and leader of the United Kingdom.  They are a democratically elected  member of Parliament who is the leader of the largest political party in the House of Commons.  They are not rulers in isolation.  They have advisors and they have members of their cabinet who all have specific roles.  The term Prime Minister is actually intended originally as a veiled insult.  Robert Walpole is considered to be the first Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  At the time the role of ministers was seen as being equal and   in some part advisors to the King so that he could Grant royal assent to laws.  However it became apparent that  Walpole was one  the “ first among equals”, who was more equal than the others.   The term Prime Minister was coined by the satirical magazine Punch to try and emphasise how Walpole had been able to rise to such a prominent position. However, rather than  a jibe it became an official position of power and responsibility.

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Many prime ministers have had very senior advisors behind them helping to shape policy and image.  Just as Walpole had Charles Townsend in the House of Lords, two modern politicians have also used very prominent unelected advisors to help them.  For Tony Blair it was  Alastair Campbell, who remains at the forefront of politics with his role as to the Together they insured many successful years for Labour.

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Boris Johnson heavily relied on Dominic Cummings to help him gain power through Brexit and to moderate the message of the Conservative Party through the passing of the leaving of the EU.

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