Overnight Care in the Home

For many people, overnight care is something that people need for various reasons. Although for some people, they only require care to be part time, people who have problems that require around the clock care will often need to have overnight carers.

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There are two types of overnight carers, sleeping carers and waking carers. A carer that is classed as a waking carer will be awake during the night and sleeping carers will be there but will sleep overnight – this will be for someone who is lower need and needs someone to be on hand in case they need assistance, but do not need to have someone watch over them at all times.

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A waking carer might need to stay in the same room with the person they are caring for overnight, or they might do tasks around the home but within earshot in case they are needed. Overnight carers will need to have a place to sleep provided for them so that they can do their job.

Both waking and sleeping carers will have the right skills and training to deal with the needs of the person that they are caring for. As well as professional qualifications like these clinical training courses www.tidaltraining.co.uk/clinical-training-courses they also need to have a naturally caring personality in order to do the job correctly.

Having an overnight carer is a good alternative to a care home and can help someone to stay in their own home if they wish.

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