Ways to keep your office healthy and hygienic

There are many concerns regarding the use of offices in the wake of the COVID 19 crisis. All over the country offices were shut and workers were forced to use their own homes as substitutes. Quite rightly, many of these workers are very happy with the new arrangement and see no reason to go back into the office at all. One of the main reasons for this is cited as the overall cleanliness and hygienic nature of the office they are being asked to go back into. A Contract Cleaning Cheltenham based company like biggreencleaning.co.uk/ are more than capable of fulfilling this need for you and getting the office in a place where the staff are happy to return.

Using a contract cleaning company is beneficial for a number of reasons. Not only do they have the trained staff and equipment necessary for hygienically cleaning any business, but they are also able to work on a number of different cleaning rotas. This could be regular daily cleaning as well as one-off deep cleans. One of the main business benefits is that you do not need to manage the cleaners like you would do a normal member of staff and you are not liable for their holiday pay or sick pay.

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Other measures that you can take are to ensure that handwashing stations and antibacterial gel is made available to all staff at all times. Providing antibacterial wipes to the staff so that they can clean their own desks and workspace is also important. Staff need to be aware that they too have a part to play, plus a responsibility, to make sure that they are keeping things clean as well.

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Regular rotas are also needed and to be visible so that staff can see where toilets are regularly cleaned and checked so that they are in the best conditions. Any issues need to be able to be reported and dealt with swiftly. It might also be an idea to have a monthly or quarterly carpet clean as well. These areas can be breeding grounds for germs as well. The contract cleaning company that you use for your regular cleaning may offer carpet cleaning as an additional service or may have businesses that they work with who can offer this service for you.

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