How to do splits for beginners?

how to do splits for beginners

Look with envy who can easily sit on the twine? Do you think people who started training from childhood can achieve this flexibility? Indeed, it will take a lot of effort to easily stretch the legs in a straight horizontal line, but this is quite doable. If you lead an active lifestyle do permanent physical activity, it will not be difficult for you to sit on twine in 7 days.

How to do splits for beginners?

how to do splits for beginners

Heated muscles are easier to transfer into motion for flexibility and lend themselves better to stretching. The duration of the heating should not exceed 10 minutes. The warm-up should be designed to include exercises that speed up blood circulation: jumping (with or without a rope), running, vigorous lunges or dancing, and leg swings. Choose soft, stretchy clothes that won’t slow you down when you move. Also, read on: How to make a homemade foot spa?


To get the desired result in a week, you need to exercise 2-3 times a day for a total duration of 15-20 minutes. The technique should be calm, without hard impulses. After getting stuck in a pose, it’s important to relax, breathe deeply, and stretch for no more than 90 seconds.

Sit on twine in a week

Exercises for the groin and inner thigh muscles:

Sit in the Turkish position with your feet together and your back straight. Press your bent knees as low to the floor as possible. Sit on the floor with your legs apart as much as possible. Keep your back straight and slowly lean forward with your arms outstretched. Stop at the extreme point and linger for 60-90 seconds.

Exercises for the hamstrings

Lie on your back, lift your straight leg, wrap your arms around it and gently pull towards you. Avoid bending at the knee joint. Place one leg on any surface whose height line matches the hip joint (or slightly higher). Bend with your foot on the floor. Standing upright, feet together, lean forward and wrap your hands around your knees or touch your toes. Over time, try touching the floor with your palms.

Seeing the change is very important in maintaining your level of motivation. After the stretching exercises, sit directly in the split for 60-90 seconds. and photograph the number of centimeters remaining on the floor. Take a picture every day. Asking a friend to track your progress will keep you on your toes.

By performing a series of stretching exercises to be able to sit on the split in the future, you activate the muscles, creating a beautiful and toned shape for the legs, hips and buttocks. Develop flexibility and flexibility in your body, reducing the risk of fall injuries.

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