How to maintain oak or oak effect items

Of all the different types of wood used for flooring and frames, oak remains a favourite and a classic because of its looks, strength, and relatively reasonable cost. With proper care and maintenance, an oak floor, frames and trusses will look good for a lifetime. Below is some guidance on how to look after your oak flooring, but some of these techniques could work if you also want to maintain your frames or trusses. For more details on the benefits of Oak Roof Trusses, go to

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Wood flooring popularity is on the increase

The market for manufacturing wood flooring is showing steady growth, according to research published. Apart from the increase in building homes, wooden floors are favoured because they are durable and quickly restored.

The natural look of wood and its warmth to the touch make it a popular choice. Engineered wood floors, where layers of plywood are compressed and then covered in a thin layer of solid wood, are often difficult to tell apart from natural wood floors.

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Thanks to the technologies in producing laminate flooring, plastic, waterproof replicas with authentic finishes and textures are easy to find online through outlets, allowing high moisture environments like kitchens and bathrooms to benefit from a wood effect floor.

Getting the best from your oak or oak laminate floor

Whatever type of floor you have, it will only last well if it is taken care of in the right way. The advantage of solid oak is that it can be sanded and refinished to restore its original look, using waxes and varnish. Engineered oak responds well to the same treatments, except that since it’s a thin top layer fixed to composite planks, too much sanding can damage it. Therefore, checking which type of flooring you have before refinishing it is best. Day-to-day maintenance requires a dry sweep, especially near doorways and entrances, so any grit walked in from outside doesn’t scratch the floor.

While they can’t be sanded, laminates can have minor scratches and dents filled with specialist repair wax. Check with the manufacturer or the retailer where you purchased your flooring from. Often, they’ll be able to recommend a repair kit specifically for the flooring you have. The water resistance of a laminate floor makes it much easier to clean. Still, again, the manufacturer or your retailer will be able to provide the best advice for the right cleaning products and methods for day-to-day cleaning.

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