What is the Role of a Care Worker?

Care workers – also known as care assistants, support workers or healthcare assistants – are at the forefront of care delivery, supporting individuals in their everyday tasks of daily living. They provide support to a wide range of people, including those who suffer from illness or disability, mental health problems, learning difficulties or issues with substance misuse. They may provide care in a health setting, the community, a person’s own home or in an assisted living setting.

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What would my role as a care worker include?

As you can see here: care professionals are involved in a wide range of tasks. These include:

.       Assisting people with their personal hygiene needs such as washing, bathing, and showering.
.       Assisting people with food preparation, eating and drinking.
.       Helping people attend necessary appointments, such as medical or dental.
.       Taking part in social activities involving the care receiver.
.       Providing friendship and support.
.       Communicating effectively with friends and family of the care receiver, as well as with other team members involved in their care.

What qualities make a great care worker?

A strong desire to help and aid those who need it most is a great starting point for those considering a career as a care worker. Care workers are compassionate and empathetic, with great interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate with people in an effective and supportive manner. They are able to work with initiative and prioritise their own workload well. They should have the writing skills necessary to complete paperwork and care plans, and the willingness to undergo further training when required, such as manual handling or first aid.

There are many roles available across the country, with care jobs in Gloucester and elsewhere covering a number of roles, full and part time, with free training and competitive rates of pay. Examples of care jobs Gloucester can be seen here: https://takefivehealthcare.co.uk/candidates/job-search/care-assistant-jobs-gloucestershire, together with further information.

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A care worker has a crucial role, ensuring that the most vulnerable people in society are safe and cared for. The role of a care worker constitutes an important and highly rewarding career, with great satisfaction to be had from helping those in need to achieve their highest quality of life. It can also provide the stepping stones to other careers in areas such as nursing, or allied health professional roles.

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