Be Aware of the Warranty on your New Boiler

A boiler is a vital piece of equipment in your home, and it keeps your home comfortable and running smoothly, keeping you warm and providing you with a supply of hot water. When you have a problem with your boiler, it is important to make sure that you contact a professional like this boiler installation Cheltenham based company who will be able to repair or replace the boiler safely and correctly for you.

If you have an older boiler, having a new one installed can be the better option – not only does this mean that something is less likely to go wrong with it, but more modern boilers are also much more economical to run, so this can also save you money on your energy bills at a time when we are all feeling the pinch of the energy price rises.

When you have a new boiler, it is important to be aware of the warranty – make sure that you read this properly, as you should know what is and what isn’t included in your new boiler warranty, as well as what the terms are. If you break the terms of the warranty, this will also mean that you are excluded from it. Here are some of the common pitfalls to look out for when it comes to your new boiler warranty…

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Boiler Servicing – It is really important to make sure that your boiler is serviced each year, regardless of its age, as this helps to keep it working well and also keeps your home safe. It also means that problems can be detected early on, so you are more likely to have the cover of the warranty to protect you when this is the case.

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How Long the Warranty Lasts – Be aware of how long your warranty lasts – you are not likely to get problems with a brand new boiler, however it can happen, so make sure you know how long you have the cover of the warranty for.

What is Covered – Some warranties will not cover everything that could go wrong – for example, you might find that parts that need to be replaced can be covered, but the cost of the labour to actually do the job is not included, so make sure that you are aware of what is and isn’t included.

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