Beat the Balding Blues

Most men dislike thinning hair and worry about male pattern baldness. However, the depth of feeling around hair loss issues is surprising. A recent survey conducted by Asda Pharmacy revealed a shocking statistic. Staggeringly, 41% of men would choose partial blindness to full baldness! That’s quite a problem and reveals how bad men feel about losing their hair.

The survey was conducted on a little more than 2,000 men under the age of 35. It seems that young guys are really stressed about the prospect or reality of losing their hair. Other shocking results included more than a third of men turning to drugs and alcohol over worries about hair loss. Just shy of 40% experienced feelings of depression as a result of baldness. A third avoided social interactions because of it and nearly one third experienced significant loss of confidence issues.

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So, how do people cope with thinning, hair loss and male pattern baldness? The psychological effects are undoubted, so how do people approach the issue and what coping mechanisms are applied?

Obsessive Reactions – These are the guys who find every hair loss forum online and join up, looking for solutions. Their sole focus is finding an effective treatment for their hair loss and will avoid social interactions while they search. They are checking their reflection many times a day and there’s little else they can focus on.

Balanced Approach – This is the best reaction and one which seeks to find a positive outcome for an issue by using a balanced and rational approach. They learn all about what causes hair loss, the range of treatment options available and schedule an appointment with their doctor to take the first steps. For help with Scalp Micropigmentation Coventry, visit a site like

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Owning it – These are the guys who refuse to worry about it, accept their lot, shave their head and move on. This likely saves them several years of stress and worry. Lots of men look great when they are bald, as it’s all about confidence and embracing your look.

As old age approaches, most men will experience some form of hair loss, thinning or male pattern baldness but for those dealing with it in their teens, 20s or 30s, the negative psychological effect can be significant. Thankfully, there are now many options available to improve this condition and boost confidence.

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