Does Your Website Need a Jolt? Look Out for These Signs

The Franken-Site

Websites do start to look old-fashioned quickly. If you’ve never had a complete overhaul before, it’s possible that your site is a mish-mash of bits that follow the rules of necessity rather than good design. Small businesses are the most likely sufferers from this, and the democratising effects of the internet mean that small businesses’ sites are judged in comparison to large multinationals. So if you’ve had several developers on the case, it might be worth starting again. You should always consult with a SEO services in London company such as when embarking on a new site to ensure that your site not only looks good and functions correctly but that it can be found in the search engine result listings.

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The Dated Flash Intro

It’s a pain for developers, and it’s a pain for your audience. It’s gimmicky, and it tends to overpower whatever message you’re trying to convey.

There has been industry debate over whether Flash is a good idea anywhere on the internet, but with alternatives now here in the shape of Java and HTML5, it might be time to get rid of that distracting Flash splash for good, and this can only do good things for your Google keyword rankings.

Mobile Device Functionality

Your site works on laptops or desktops, but does it work on mobile and tablet devices? If not, this is a real warning sign. Interesting studies from Ofcom show the dramatic change in our data consumption habits in recent years, and there’s no fighting this tide.

Social Media Integration

If your site has no links with your social media presence, then it’s time to add easy shortcuts for tweeting, pinning and the fan page. This strategy has long been recognised by charities as the perfect way to create dialogue with customers or supporters – not to mention to allow geographically specific information or marketing drives. With the power of the social web design in Milton Keynes or Florida can speak to local and international audiences. Integration will not only keep your presence relevant, but could also feed back into your site’s material and information.

Take Control

If you find yourself outsourcing even the most basic updates to your web designers, you need to take a look at moving to a content management system (CMS) which would allow anyone with access to make updates. It puts the power in your own hands and cuts costs.

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