Expert Personal Finance Tips from the Pros

Take advice from the experts when it comes to making the most of your money. Financial advisors have the following key tips on budgeting and investing.

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Make a Financial Calendar

If you find it difficult to remember to pay taxes or put credit reports together, set appointment reminders in the same way you would diarise a doctor’s appointment.

Put 20% or More of Your Income Toward Financial Priorities

Priorities might mean creating an emergency fund, boosting your retirement savings or paying off debt. The discipline of siphoning regular savings towards an account dedicated to your priorities will boost your financial situation.

Set Small Money Goals

Big goals which are far away are hard to stick to and may be abandoned. As well as having large goals, like buying a house, you should set short-term smaller goals with more instant results — such as saving a small amount of money weekly for a holiday in six months.

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Start Small with Debts

If you are heavily in debt, paying off your smaller debts can embolden you to take on the bigger ones. For example, pay off a department store card with a modest balance prior to tackling the card which has the larger balance.

Start Saving Now

Don’t put off saving even the smallest amount of money. Over time, your retirement fund or other savings will benefit from compound interest.

Keep Savings Separate from Your Current Account

It is universally true that if you have money in your current account, you will spend it. To build up ring-fenced finances, start a separate savings account and make regular payments into it.

Take Notice of Fees

Your funds incur fees, also known as expense ratios, which can lessen your returns. Even the lowest one per cent fee will add up over time. It’s recommended that you stick with index funds which are low-cost.

Rebalance Your Portfolio Periodically

If you have investment funds, you should try to investigate your brokerage account regularly to make sure that the amount you are paying in still matches your wider investing goals. An advisor will be able to explore the market for you to recommend likely products and portfolios.


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