Meetings can be the best way to get things done

Business meetings are important, but they can be frustrating and boring if not properly organised. It’s no wonder that so many people dislike attending meetings. But it doesn’t have to be this way. It takes skill and direction to run a good meeting. The same people can dominate meetings and talk for hours without achieving anything.

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Follow these tips to avoid making your next meeting a nightmare.

Get Prepared.

Before the meeting, obtain a agenda and list topics that will be discussed. Allow participants to review the materials that are part of the agenda. This will allow for a more effective discussion and a concise conversation.

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Attendance of key decision makers is essential.

If an executive is absent, the meeting will not achieve much. These are the only people who can make things happen in your company.

You will gain a reputation as a super-efficient, organised person if you start the meeting on time and end it a few moments early.

Stay focused by sticking to the agenda.

Explain that if someone brings up another subject, you will be putting it aside and adding comments to the meeting records.

Take notes at the meeting.

This is something that many people overlook, but it can be a good way to keep track of any questions or tasks you receive.

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