How Royal Mail is helping customers with accessibility needs

If you are seeking a same day courier in Aberdeen, you have likely looked at the Royal Mail. They have recently introduced a new initiative aimed at enhancing the delivery experience for customers with accessibility needs.

What are the new Royal Mail options?

The service allows residents to specify their accessibility requirements for parcel deliveries and collections through the Parcel Collect service. This approach is designed to cater to individuals with disabilities or accessibility needs, providing them with a more tailored and accommodating service.

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One of the key features is the option for customers to request specific actions from postal workers, such as a louder knock or allowing more time when waiting for the customer to answer the door. This personalised approach ensures that the delivery process is adapted to the specific needs of each household.

The service is not limited to Royal Mail deliveries alone, but also extends to Parcelforce residential deliveries.

Safe Spaces

In addition to catering to accessibility needs, customers can proactively manage their parcel deliveries by setting up safe place delivery preferences through the Royal Mail app. This feature allows customers to designate a secure location where parcels can be left.

How to set up accessibility requirements

The accessibility needs and safe place delivery preference services are conveniently accessible through the ‘my account’ section of the Royal Mail app or by contacting customer service. Importantly, any accessibility needed service established will remain valid for a year, with the option for customers to renew annually.

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Once you’ve set up your account, getting a same day courier Aberdeen becomes an easy process.

Whether you are in need of a same day courier in Aberdeen or are in a more remote location, the accessibility options are designed to cater to your specific requirements.

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