What to Do Two Days in Phuket

What to Do Two Days in Phuket

Still, with a Christmas hangover, we arrived at Phuket on the 25th at noon. Once again, without too much information, but with only one certainty: we had a couch surfer to stay.

When we got off the ferry, we asked for a taxi, and they wanted to charge us a lot (600 baths). We did not give more of the anger? And there we began to insult ourselves for not having googled the minimum and essential. After a while, we started walking and see if by finger someone raised us. At 5 blocks, we are approached by a taxi driver with a kind of minivan that disarmed.

What to Do Two Days in Phuket?

We explain the situation, and he tells us: «Ferry taxi drivers charge very expensive, I can reach them to the center for 100 baths, merry Christmas». It closed everywhere, so our Christmas miracle happened haha. From the center we had to take a kind of van with seats behind that, for only 35 baths per person, would leave us at our destination. Confident, we went without checking the location and without realizing it we passed by. Ooo again we appeared in an unknown place waiting for a new miracle that will take us to the other side. Who appears? The same at noon, haha.

What to Do Two Days in Phuket


Great Buddha complex at sunset

Pepe, a Peruvian who lived almost all his life in Japan and now works in Thailand as a diving instructor. His studio was super cute and although he had already clarified that he had no armchair or another bed, we also anticipated that we would have no problem sleeping on the floor and we did so.

Now, the information they wanted, sorry for the extension. What to do two days in Phuket?

Main tip: Rent a motorcycle for about 200 baht.

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Great Buddha:

This 45-meter-tall Buddha began to be built in 2004 and the process was very slow as it was done as donations were received. You can donate if you want a little piece of white marble and leave your name. Admission is free, and the complex is open from 6 am to 7 pm. The best time to visit it we believe is in the afternoon to see the sun fall from there, that there are tremendous views of Phuket. As in the other temples of Thailand, cover your shoulders and legs, but if you prefer, you can rent a sarong at the entrance.

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Freedom Beach:

The main recommendation is that you go well early in the morning. The state of the road is not very good, so be careful with the motorcycle. When you arrive, you will have to pay a fee of 200 baht, but we promise it is worth it. To get to the beach, you have to descend a lot, even in some areas it will be necessary for you to grab some ropes, an adventure! When you want to remember, you will be looking at a very large beach with a beautiful sea. Stay all the time you need to relax and rest, because besides the landscape is worth it, do not forget that you will have to climb everything you went down to return to the motorcycle haha.

Ao Sane Beach:

When they descend with the motorcycle, they will see a bar/restaurant and a small beach. You can leave the motorcycle there and continue walking to the right side looking at the sea. Once they pass little cabins, they will arrive at a hidden beach with very few people – hopefully, and a sea full of coral to snorkel. So don’t waste a second, grab the mask and go around yourself with fish of all colors.

Kata Beach:

This beach is very busy during the day and has several bars and restaurants on the street that overlooks the beach. We went at night to enjoy some beers and watch some light balloons fly.

How we arrived? From Phi Phi, we took a ferry at 9 AM which cost us 300 baht per person.

What did we like? Having gone with little expectation and amazed. The beaches, mainly the less touristy ones, are beautiful and worth knowing.

What we did not like? We saw a lot of prostitution but mainly many Europeans in their fifties with Thais who did not spend 17 years — traffic in certain areas.

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Where we stayed? After spending two days at Pepe, we stayed one more day in a hotel to organize some issues. We stayed at the D-Well Apartment Hotel in the Chalong area. We pay USD 25 for a room with a private bathroom with air, refrigerator, coffee and tea, etc. We loved it so much that we rarely left the room, haha.


Unless there are several people, do not take the taxis are in the ferry terminal. If they leave there, they will see several “less beautiful” vans in terms of aesthetics but more beautiful in terms of price.

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