Ancient Sites to Visit Near Drogheda

If you want to get to know Ireland, and all of its fascinating ancient history, finding a good place to stay is important. Drogheda is a great place to base yourself if you are keen to explore the ancient landmarks of the country. As well as being close to Dublin, there are lots of places nearby where you can explore the history and legends that formed the early foundations of this beautiful place.

Drogheda has all the modern facilities that you need, so whether you want a place to enjoy a drink of an evening, or shops like Vodafone Drogheda to call the family back home, it is a good place to base yourself on your trip. Here are just a few of the interesting places that you can visit nearby…

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Loughcrew Cairns – This is also known as the Hills of the Witch, and they are believed to have been built around 3000BC! As well as the beautiful cave art and that can be seen on the tombs, if you arrive here at sunrise on either of the equinoxes in the spring or autumn, you will see the sunrise is aligned with the cairn. To find out more take a guided tour around these fascinating ancient stones.

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Newgrange – Head to the centre at Newgrange to find out all about a tomb that is 5000 years old. Like the Loughcrew cairns it is also aligned with the sunrise, but in this case the first rays of the sun on the winter solstice. It is a UNESCO world heritage site, and tickets must be purchased from the visitor centre. To get up close to ancient Ireland this is a great place to go.

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