How Do Anti Gravity Phone Cases Works?

How Do Anti Gravity Phone Cases Work

Do you ever want to be on the phone and not use your hands? You might want to consider purchasing a phone case that has an anti-gravity lift. With this accessory, you can set your phone on the top of your hand so that it is no longer possible for you to drop it. Check out this article for more information!

What is an Anti Gravity Phone Case?

Anti-gravity phone cases are designed to keep your device safe and stable while in use. These cases attach to the back of your phone with adhesive and use magnets to keep it in place. This means that you can rest your phone on any flat surface without worrying about it falling off or being unstable. Some anti-gravity phone cases also feature built-in stands, so you can watch videos or use apps without having to hold your phone.

How Does the Anti Gravity Phone Case Work?

Anti gravity phone cases are designed to keep your phone from slipping off of your hand or out of your pocket. They work by using a combination of magnets and a firm base to keep your phone stationary. This prevents it from floating away and helps to prevent scratches or damage to the phone.

When you put on an anti-gravity phone case, you are actually suspending the phone off of the ground. This is done by using magnets that hold onto the back of the phone. The magnets then keep the phone up in the air so that it doesn’t touch the ground.

Who Does an Anti Gravity Phone Case Benefit?

Anti-gravity phone cases are becoming more and more popular for a few reasons. First, they’re stylish. Second, they offer protection from drops and scratches. Third, they work to keep your phone from being weighed down by extra baggage or clothing. And finally, anti-gravity phone cases have the added benefit of helping to prevent your phone from becoming sweaty or wet. So who does an anti-gravity phone case benefit? Anyone who wants their phone to stay safe and stylish while on the go!

Types of Shells and Cases

There are a variety of types of shells and cases for anti-gravity phone cases, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

Closed-Cell Phone Cases

A closed-cell phone case is the most traditional type of shell and is generally made from hard, durable plastic or metal. This type of case offers the most protection against scratches and drops, but it can be bulky and difficult to take on and off.

Open-Cell Phone Cases

An open-cell phone case is made from a softer plastic or silicone material that allows the phone to still move freely in all directions. This type of case usually has less protection against drops and scratches, but it’s more comfortable to hold and doesn’t add extra weight to the phone.

Shells with built-in Screen Protector

Some shells have a built-in screen protector that prevents scratches and drops from damaging the phone’s screen. These protectors are usually easy to remove if needed, but they can be slightly less protective than standalone screen protectors.

Shells with Built-in Holster

Some shells come with a built-in holster that securely holds the phone while you’re not using it. This type of holster is super convenient, but it can be somewhat difficult to remove if you want to switch between your case and a bag.

Differences Between Cases

There are a few main types of anti-gravity phone cases available on the market. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to know what’s best for you.

A regular phone case will keep your device from falling, but it won’t do much to protect it from scratches or other damage. A good anti-gravity case, on the other hand, will hold your device in place even when it’s dropped or shaken. It also provides some degree of protection against scratches and other damage.

One type of anti-gravity case uses a magnetic field to keep your device in place. This type of case works well for tablets because they have a large surface area. However, these cases don’t work as well on phones because they have a smaller surface area.

Another type of anti-gravity case uses a spring system. This type of case is best for iPhones because they have a thin body. The spring system keeps the phone in place, but it can be difficult to open the case if you need to use your phone quickly.

The last type of anti-gravity case uses air pressure instead of magnets or springs. This type of case is useful for phones and smaller tablets. This type of case works by inflating a small chamber to keep your phone in place. The downside of this case is that it can be difficult to open if you need to use your phone quickly.


Looking for a way to protect your phone from scratches and other damage? Anti-gravity phone cases may be just what you’re looking for. These cases use magnets to keep your device securely in place, preventing it from falling off of your lap or becoming lost on the desk. Plus, they often feature protective shells that help keep your phone safe from drops and other potential accidents.

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