Your Desk is a sign of who you are

Don’t be fooled into thinking your office desk is simply a piece of bland furniture handy for holding essentials like a computer and coffee mug, because the realty is it says a whole lot about you. Desks can reflect your personality, motivations, commitment, likes and dislikes, and send messages about all these things to those who happen to notice it.

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Could your desk be announcing your desire to escape that cubicle, or is it screaming the message that you are super efficient and deserving of promotion? Imagine you are looking at the following desks in an office somewhere – what kind of impression do they give you?

The Visual Oversharer

It’s easy to spot the person who is really only showing up each day to get one step closer to their next holiday. Typical giveaways include a pinboard crammed with selfies snapped in exotic places and a calendar embellished with a numbered countdown.

Verdict: Fun and adventurous but uncommitted and flighty.  Perhaps this person can be tasked with office duties or organising team outings to get them more involved.  They could start with hiring a Commercial cleaning from Intocleaning  company to come in and sort out the office.  A company like this will even provide a carpet cleaning, window cleaning and even washroom and hygiene service.  So to get your staff becoming more efficient you might want to contact a Commercial cleaning Gloucester company soon.

The Paper Based Person

A desk covered in coloured sticky notes which are re-arranged on an hourly basis to reflect their status, endless to-do list and a refusal to maintain shared electronic resources reveals a mindset stuck in the last century.

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Verdict: Unable to deal with technology or learning new things, creates busywork.

The Alternative Thinker

More than enough surface space is taken up by inspirational quotes and mantras about being your best self, or letting go to receive back, inscribed on everything from scrolls and stones to postcards and notebooks.

Verdict: Caring and thoughtful but head is in clouds and has a loose connection to reality.

The Minimalist

Sporting absolutely nothing beyond a computer monitor and keyboard-mouse combo, this desk is devoid of personality and hints as to who sits there.

Verdict: Elusive, unsociable, secretive, or actively job seeking and ready to bolt any moment.

Where it Really Matters

Creating a good impression for both clients and colleagues is important, and the reception area of a company is one place where you really can’t afford to get this wrong.

Maybe it’s time to cast a critical eye over your own desk space and see what secrets you are giving away!


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