Three-Dimensional Theory of Motivation at Work

Motivation in the workplace is something of an art form. Motivation in the workplace, like motivation in the rest of our lives, hinges on three things: the intrinsic or underlying drive for a particular activity, the environment in which the activity takes place, and the resources available to us to facilitate that activity. Understanding what motivates your employees can help you ensure that they are motivated, capable, and accountable. There are some basics that you have to get right first such as providing them with the office furniture such as Next Day delivery desks from companies like Best Buy Office Chairs and the equipment they need to fulfil their roles.

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One of the most widely used psychological theories in the workplace is the attribution theory. The attribution theory suggests that motivation is grounded on three-dimensional theory x, y, and z. Theory x is what is considered to be the true driving force that causes you to do what you do. The theory also mentions a person’s attitude or disposition toward a certain activity. The third factor, the environment, is where you put meaning to your behavior.

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The attribution theory can be useful when it comes to assigning motivation at work. For instance, if you are thinking about giving incentives to your employees for proper attendance or for meeting targets, you might assign points for these things. The important thing to remember is that this should not be a way of punishing your employees but rather a way of rewarding them for their behavior. Giving employees too many or too few rewards will never increase or improve their motivation levels; instead, it will simply lead to resentment and a need for more punishment.

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