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With the major shift toward remote working over the past year and the potential future for change alongside other experiments with on-going trials for a four-day working week, daily habits have seen huge change and may continue to do so moving forward too. One of the primary changes that could be seen however is within the expansion of a digital nomad lifestyle as work and travel move hand in hand. But what could be the biggest catalysts leading toward further opportunities to blend the two together, and are these potential opportunities you could explore?

A big move to digital ­– Whilst the shift to remote working has helped many businesses to explore the wider shift to digital options, it’s certainly nothing new as some of the biggest industries in the world are now primarily based online – whether this be through digital media and the growth of social media as a primary platform, the growth of gaming options traditional based offline with the likes of casinos and new counter parts at https://ukonlinecasinoslist.com/, or one of the many other big opportunities that have come from the growing digital space. This will certainly be an area that continues to grow too, as other options become available to support further change particularly with online communication.

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More flexibility in working – Remote working as a whole brings more flexibility just through the nature of being remote, opportunities allow many to choose their own working hours and fit working around their day-to-day schedule rather than the other way around, and this may encourage further change. As business continues to adjust to delivering remote working opportunities too, this flexibility will change over time and as different platforms with the likes of Zoom and Teams offer new tools to make communication that much easier, it allows those who may be travelling whilst working to be in better contact with those back at home.

New remote working visas becoming easier to access is key – And most importantly too, a growing number of different countries have begun to offer new visas aimed directly at those looking to work remotely, coming in all shapes and sizes and with certain stipulations for earnings and jobs, this alone may be enough to encourage those looking to experience a new surrounding to venture out whilst doing their day-to-day job too. These visas will also be something  that change over time to continue attracting newer visitors, particularly those still working on the road.

It’s an exciting time, and the growing number of businesses becoming location independent will only expand these selections too, so if you’re looking to explore opportunities in working remotely whilst in another country, this next year will only continue to provide opportunities to do so, and make it much easier whilst doing so.

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