Working With Vulnerable Adults

A good knowledge of working with vulnerable adults offers an overview of current professional practices in health and social care, examining potential abuse of vulnerable adults and the ways by which health professionals, social policy and welfare services can mitigate or exacerbate vulnerability. It is a challenging, yet hugely rewarding profession. For more information on Support Worker Jobs Gloucester, contact Take 5 Healthcare

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Although the overwhelming majority of vulnerable adults receive adequate care and are appropriately treated, many more do not receive such care or suffer the consequences of mistreatment. Many organizations and communities work diligently to protect against and provide resources for abuse victims; however, the presence of a single abusive person among a community, even if isolated, can still create a climate of fear and intimidation that allow other vulnerable adults to be abused.

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Second, working with vulnerable adults involves identifying the need for specialised interventions to serve this at-risk population. The work of licensed social workers includes assessing risk for abuse, vulnerability, and risk for disability disadvantage. There is no substitute for specialised providers when it comes to serving vulnerable adults. The work of social and support workers, who receive specialised training and who work with other professionals in the field to develop risk assessment and intervention plans, is essential to providing the care and services that will make a significant difference in the lives of these vulnerable adults.

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