How to Wrap a Car With Vinyl? Step by Step Guideline

how to Vinyl wrap your Car

Wrapping Vinyl can be a good idea if we buy a car that is not in the color we like and we don’t want to spend a lot of money on it. If we then want to sell it, removing the vinyl will be the original painting in an excellent, very presentable form, which preserves the market value.

How to wrap a car with vinyl?

If you never use the vinyl, do you want to know how it works? There are 5 steps about how to wrap a car with vinyl:

1. Clean the car paint carefully

Start with a thorough cleaning with paint and alcohol cleaners. Then fix scratches, bumps and rust. You will need a smooth surface to apply vinyl. Anything that affects your ability to apply vinyl must be removed.

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2. Mark the problem areas on the surface of the car

Each vehicle has its potential problem areas. It is important to know before applying a viny. What curves in the body will create extra tension on the vinyl? Are there problem areas in the paint or body that will be shown through vinyl? Mark the problem area on the surface of the car to adjust the application procedure for curves or problem areas. And solve any problem before applying your material.

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3. Measure and cut the size

Generally, vinyl is sold in the market at 1.52 * 18m or 1.52 * 28m, while 10-23 meters are normally needed to wrap a complete car. Therefore, make sure the size of the car to estimate that it will consume 1 or 2 rolls. Then measure the surface of your car and cut the size.

4. Wrap and bubble

Carlike vinyl uses removable adhesive, so just wrap it on the surface. Then you will find some bubble, use a squeegee and a heat gun to take out the bubbles. By the way, Carlike vinyl has an airless channel in the size of the back to allow air to escape, eliminating bubbles. During wrapping, you can stretch the vinyl to fit over the curves.

5. Cut the extra pieces

Use a knife to cut the extra piece. If it is curved, you have to work with the arc-shaped squeegee to avoid small wrinkles that resemble the edges of the bottle cap.

After finishing the last step, enjoy your work and save it. The vinyl in the car wrap will make your car special.

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