The truth behind six common car hire myths

Is refuelling required?

This is perhaps the most commonly disputed myth, with many insisting that you don’t need a full tank when returning a hired car. You obviously can’t ensure a completely full tank, however, car hires typically use a ‘full to full’ policy, where you refill with as much as you originally received. Failure to do so can result in expensive refill costs.

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Are airport hires at the airport?

Not all hires are stationed by the airport, and you may incur additional costs for transport between locations. Collection and drop-off times also affect costs, so it’s worth researching and scheduling in advance. Car hire company comparisons can be found here. Do you need to take out insurance?

Car hires nearly always include insurance in their rental price, so you needn’t worry about additional coverage. You may be offered a premium insurance deal for the car, however, which provides refunds for breakdowns or flight delays.

Car hire insurance deals don’t cover everything, and you can be charged for damage to the vehicle, so it’s best to seek out car hire excess insurance guidance, such as the services here
But does my own insurance cover me?

Unfortunately, nearly all insurance policies exclude hire cars from their coverage. Of course, it’s worth checking with your provider just in case, as it may be included in specialist policies, but don’t get your hopes up too soon.

Am I too young even with a driving licence?

Even in your 20s, and even if you’ve had your licence for 12 months, you may not be eligible for car hire. Most firms have a minimum age threshold of 25 (or even 30 for premium services) and also expect you to have been driving for at least a year, so make sure to be aware of terms and conditions in advance.

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What about additional drivers?

You are required to declare and pay for any other drivers during your hire of the car, and all the same rules (age, insurance, etc.) will still apply, so make sure you’re happy paying more or driving solo in advance.

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