Blindspot season 6 release date, main cast and overview

Blindspot season 6

BlindSpot is a series that, during the five seasons available, has managed to maintain an audience loyal to the HBO screen. And not satisfied, many fans want to know if there will be Blindspot season 6 or if the fifth will be his last appearance on screen. A drama and intrigue series that certainly makes you want to want more.

Suppose you want to know if there will be more seasons of Blindspot season 6 or if sadly it reached its end. Stay with us and keep reading. We will tell you everything we know to date. Keep reading: Top 10 Anime Meme of All Time

When Blindspot season 6 premieres

Blindspot season 6

For a long time, it was speculated that the series would renew for a sixth season since the story left open doors for the future of the series. On the other hand, from the beginning, the producers and directors confessed that the series was intended for 5 seasons. Leaving us the sad news that there will be no Blind Spot season 6.

However, fans are very disappointed because they believe that the series did not have a worthy or complete ending. For this reason, many believed that the series should continue, but unfortunately, it was definitely canceled. The fifth season was the closing of the Blind Spot saga (blindspot). Read now: Junjou romantica season 4 episode 1

Let’s talk a little about Blindspot season 6

The series is about the young Jane Doe, who appears naked inside a travel bag, without remembering anything of her past and in the middle of Times Square. In addition to having your whole body tattooed without knowing why. This event draws the attention of the FBI, and after a quick investigation, they discover that the mysterious tattoos on Jane’s body are a kind of map to avoid a criminal conspiracy. Which they believe is to threaten the security of their country.

Currently, the series has 5 seasons and a total of 100 episodes. Produced by: Quinn’s House, Berlanti Productions, under the direction of Martin Gero (Creator), Mark Pellington, Steve Shill, Rob Hardy, Marcos Siega, Rich Newey, David McWhirter, Rob Seidenglanz.

There are still fans trying to understand the real reason for the cancellation of the sixth season. And although the directors have already stated that the goal was always five installments, this does not seem to be enough for the fans. Another rumor that there was that the producers wanted to leave a negative aspect to the actors who played their characters.

However, the strongest rumor of the reason for the cancellation is due to the low audience of its last seasons. However, the creator of the series has not commented on the matter. Whatever the reason, we can only tell you to enjoy the 5 seasons available on HBO Max. Every series, whether you want it or not, has an end.

Main cast

In several of the interviews given by the directors of the series, they have confessed that they always had in mind to remain with all the main characters until the end. So it can be said that part of the success is thanks to them. That’s why we show you part of the main and secondary cast that gave life to the series during its 5 seasons.

Main Cast: Jaimie Alexander, Sullivan Stapleton, Audrey Esparza, Rob Brown, Carl Li, Marko Caka, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Ukweli Roach, Ashley Johnson, Aurelien Gaya, Noel Ramos, Kelly Aaron, Suzanne Lenz.

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